March 14-16, 2017 | Boston, MA


Partnership Opportunities

The sensational clinical and commercial success of checkpoint inhibitors is driving pharma and biotech to invest heavily in immune checkpoint inhibitor drug pipelines. With a wealth of late-stage programs and over 1000 clinical trials underway, the race to be the next to market is more competitive than ever.

As the field continues to gain momentum, pharma and biotech companies are looking for trusted partners to provide solutions that can drive drug development. ICI Boston 2018 will unite decision makers from the leading pharma and biotech companies at the forefront of the immuno-oncology field. Uniquely positioned to focus exclusively on immune checkpoint modulators, this meeting will provide you with an ideal opportunity to showcase your solutions and expertise.

ICI Boston 2018 exists to provide solutions to the pharma industry’s needs. As such we are looking for credible providers to help share their latest solutions; especially:

  • CROs due to their knowledge in running complex immunotherapy trials
  • Tumour Models Providers to provide more predictive tools for translational research
  • Companies with complimentary immune boosting drugs to build strong business cases for rational combination therapies
  • Diagnostic developers working on new biomarker tests to help clinical patient selection strategies
  • Target Discovery Platforms to identify new novel pathways for the next generation of drugs

In such a competitive field, it is vital that you as a solution provider are able to stand out from the crowd. Get in touch today to find out more about our bespoke packages and how we can ensure that your company stands out.

Since our first meeting in 2015 we have worked in partnership with Enumeral, The Jackson Laboratory, Compugen, Immudex, Oncolytics, Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Taconic Biosciences, Caprion, Serametrix, Abcam, Cell Signalling Technology, Advaxis, Aquila Biomedical, DiscoverX, Genscript, Oncodesign, Abzena, Immunicum and Aperion Biologics to help them achieve their IO objectives.

It’s worth us having a conversation early so that we can tailor a bespoke package for your needs. Simply email us at and we can share more information with you.