March 14-16, 2017 | Boston, MA


IO Landscape visualization

Interactive network visualisation of organizations within the IO Combination landscape. Data generated August 5, 2016 using Beacon IO Combinations.

  • Click the two arrows in the bottom right corner to full-screen the visualization
  • Zoom in and out using your scroll-wheel
  • Use the search bar to locate a specific organization
  • Double click an organization to centre the network around it

The huge increase of clinical immunotherapy (IO) programs within the last five years has been driven by the potentiation effect of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) when combined with other therapeutic agents. This creates a highly complex network of collaborations in IO combination trials as companies look for the combinations that deliver the greatest benefit to patients.

  • There are currently 734 IO combination clinical trials
  • These involve 47 different ICIs
  • 295 organizations are involved in these